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Wing Planform

The optimum wing planform has an elliptical lift distribution for minimum induced drag at low speeds, and a small wing area for reduced profile drag at high speed.

wing2Johan Bosman, JS Chief Aerodynamicist, explains: The wings of the JS1 Revelation have an almost perfect lift distribution. We achieved this with the six tapered polyhedral sections along the wing span, with aerofoils based on the T12 aerofoil optimised at each spanwise position for the specific chord length and Reynolds number. The polyhedral also contributes to the handling qualities.

We believe that while sailplanes must have excellent cruise performance at high speed, often competitions are won on weaker days and so the JS1 Revelation does not have the minimum possible wing area.

With a wing area of 11.2 sq.m (120.56 sq.ft) and an aspect ratio of 28.8, the JS1 Revelation’s wing provides outstanding climb performance and with the very thin aerofoil, also has exceptional high speed performance.

We feel that the JS1 Revelation wing planform has the optimum balance between aerofoils and wing area, and with ideal low and high speed characteristics, it is optimised for the wide range of conditions encountered in competitions.